Netgear R7450 Review – Is it better for Xfinity or Comcast?

Netgear r7450 is one of the popular choices out of many routers of Netgear, as it comes with more coverage. Again, the device connection gets better technologically enhancements. For that, you can have accelerated 2600 Mbps speed that is optimized among 1 Wan & 4 LAN connection with the Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Netgear r7450 review

Having the Dual-Band Wifi eliminates all the interference for getting better connections and to cover more Wifi devices. Therefore, the extreme range and getting the best connectivity are the key attention to this router. All of them will be easily set up and monitored using the Nighthawk app, which takes a few minutes only.

We will show you the whole in-depth review of this router, but before that, let us tell you some of the important features of it.

Noticeable Features

  • It comes with the advanced QoS system with 2600 Mbps Wi-fi speed for gaming and streaming seamlessly
  • It connects devices no matter what are the shapes of your home, the range is beyond limitation
  • Specialized with the MU-MIMO that allows maximum device connection with the simultaneous streaming or surfing
  • AC2600 WiFi has a huge capacity with the dual-band processor that allows up to 2.6Gbps
  • Three amplifiers along with the external antennas ensure better range and connectivity

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The FAQ of Netgear r7450

Q. Is this router strong enough for 4k streaming?

Yes, this is why it comes to show up, and you will have uninterrupted 4k streaming without any interference at all.

Q. Will this replace my Comcast router to use for the internet, TV, and phone?

Yes, definitely it will do so, but there is a single requirement you need to fulfill that is with the Ethernet cable, not the coaxial cable.

Q. Is this modem router Combo?

We afraid, it is not, only come as a router, but a good one

What users are saying about Netgear r7450

Finding the customer scores and reviews on this particular router gave us a hard time for sure. We research deeply to find the honest output of these statistics. Furthermore, we filtered out the reviews based on the real users not just reading the reviews on it, and give some remarks. Hence, during that time, we sorted out that the main reason people love it is to have the range capacity and the dual-core processor. Both of them charmed the most and the con we found is about the durability, maybe it needs to pay more than this offer.

Compare Netgear r7450 vs D-Link Exo Wifi Router AC2600

Most of the features that Netgear r7450 concludes come as same as the  D-Link Exo Wifi Router AC2600 persists. Both of them would be the perfect alternatives for you, however, there would be slight differences that may come. This won’t appear to you so easily but we sorted out for you.

What are they, actually that bring differences? First, of all, the Netgear r7450 has somewhat slightly come with more power in the processor in terms of GHz, which sores up to 2.6GHz, whereas the alternative here comes with the 2.4GHz. It seems nothing changes between them but slightly shows the contrast.

Second, and the last thing is with the MU-MIMO technology, yes both of them have this feature. However, from our view, the number of antenna of D-Link Exo is more compared to the Netgear r7450, so it may give you more device connectivity, we believe.

Key features of Netgear r7450

Amazing Speed

The first thing comes to our concern is about the speed of this router, that is superb! So when you have QoS lag-free gaming then you will sort out your first requirement out of this. Moreover, the Wi-fi speed would be up to 2600 Mbps, which is huge indeed, and you won’t face any issue, no matter how many devices would be logged-in. Last but not least, the dual-core processor boosts the whole WAN-to-LAN performance, and the Beamforming enhances more speed.

Maximum Range Coverage

Netgear r7450 ensures the maximum range coverage so you don’t worry at all what’s about your home shape and size, this router will fully occupy every nook and corner. Furthermore, you can enjoy the uninterrupted HD streaming at any corner of your home as well. Because the three external antennas help to increase the range of whole network coverage.

Safe connectivity

No matters what router features you have, until it establishes the safe connectivity, nobody even has a look at them. Hence, Netgear r7450 comes with establishing the best secure connection. You will have the VPN support, guest network access, personal Ftp server and overall secure your wifi connection.

Easy to use

The router would be sophisticated in design and performance but when it comes to maintaining it, you will rather find it easy. Because the installation process is so easy no matter what devices you will have. The main winsome thing shows up with the Nighthawk app, that makes it easy to monitor the whole home wi-fi network.. The Push “N” Connect is the final vibe to have the maximum ease of starting and shutting down the router.

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How worthy compared to the features and performance

You may have surfed a lot of online reviews and find many of them including the best modem router combo for Comcast and many others. But how do you redefine this one compared to its features and performance, let the work puts on our shoulder? When going to the intense researching, we go to the satisfactory level that would be marked like 7 out of 10.

But when we put that marks based on the features and how well they are performing then we must increase it up to 9, as it is really performing. Netgear left no stone unturned to design it in such a way that the users will get the best benefit out of this.

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Final Verdict

Here we come to the bottom line of Netgear r7450 review, and we are quite sure about the good performance of this router ensuring the maximum coverage. The con is with just the level up the features from these to those, but if you are satisfied with what it already has, then no more big talks to refreshing another one. And for what reason? Well, the bigger features will come with more price, so now it is your move to opt for.

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