Centurylink Technicolor C1100T Review – What users saying?

Are you agonized over your using WiFi router? Fine, This issue is now trivial where Centurylink WiFi router is available worldwide. Centurylink brand is the first and foremost choice of wifi router users. Technicolor C1100T model is one of the highest quality wifi routers ever. It appears with an incredible wifi speed just because the wifi is constructed with flourished technology comparatively any other model of Centurylink brand. This model comes with VDSL2 wireless gateway modem.

Centurylink Technicolor C1100T Review

 All in all this model is unsurpassed if we compare it with Centurylink wifi router predecessor models. So, let’s see in detail about this stunning wifi router. 

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Noticeable Features of Centurylink Technicolor C1100T

  • This wifi router modem allows CBRAS connection.
  • It works with slower DSL speeds that other models don’t.
  • It comes with the latest ECO standard.
  • It has smart ultra-broadband gateway.
  • For optimal wireless performance it switches dynamic rate.
  • It features complete coverage for a small family.
  • This router is easy to set up.

Compare Centurylink Technicolor C1100T Vs. Motorola AC1600 WiFi Router

Centurylink Technicolor C1100T Motorola AC1600 WiFi Router
Centurylink Technicolor C1100T Motorola AC1600 WiFi Router
  • Centurylink Technicolor C1100T is compatible with 2.4GHz band. It is a multi-user wifi router.
  • It features 4K video streaming with high internet speed. This wifi range is quite good with 2.5GHz.
  • It can provide you 100% coverage up to 3000 square feet in home and far from outside.
  • It has a dual core processor which provides you extremely rapid data transfer speeds for all of your devices.
  • This wifi router is easy to set up. For the advantage of the user it has LEDs which offer a clear indication of operational status, Start-up sequence and connectivity status.

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  • Like Centurylink Technicolor C1100T Motorola AC1600 doesn’t work with Bonded VDSL, Bonded ADSL, VDSL VECTORING.
  • Motorola AC1600 is compatible with Verizon, Comcast, AT&T services, Charter Spectrum, Cox or other cable services.
  • This router is a great choice for non-bonded, non-vectoring VDSL services.
  • It provides fast internet to all your wifi and ethernet services.  
  • This wifi router features 4 GIG-E Ports, AC1600 Wireless, a firewall, WPA/WPA2 Wireless security etc.

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What Users Saying About Centurylink Technicolor C1100T

This is the best services wifi router in today’s market.  It is dynamic and advanced than any router model. It has won the heart of users by its eye-catching services. If the contemporary customers check the feedback of previous customers they will find all their answers. This modem option features a built-in-wireless router and its price is three penny more than most of the modem on the recent market.

It provides faster wifi than most DSL modem and routers. If you depend on WiF in to have internet here and there in your home Centurylink Technicolor C1100T is the ideal choice for the user. It is compatible with DSL technology like ADSL, ADSL2+, VDSL2, GPON etc. It offers wireless protocol to its customers up to 802.11n.

Majority of the customers express their positive opinions. But a little number of the user opines that it has some limitations like it doesn’t work with DSL technology and doesn’t offer most advanced wifi technology. Apart from these limitations it has no other major limitations that prevents strong wifi signals. For your kind information it works with slower DSL speeds which some other wifi router doesn’t. So, you will be benefited by purchasing it for sure.

Key Features of Centurylink Technicolor C1100T

DSL Technology

There are several ranges of DSL technology. Centurylink Technicolor C1100T supports faster data speeds than its previous models but it doesn’t support in all the areas of the USA. Its latest technology doesn’t work with its all models. On this account, your native DSL tech doesn’t support the strongest speeds on the huge areas. This modem provides you with the highest data speeds because it is the best DSL modem.   

Wireless Protocol

Centurylink Technicolor C1100T is a dual band core processor router that telecasts on both 2.4 and 5.0 GHz frequencies which ensures you to find faster wifi speeds.

FAQs About Centurylink Technicolor C1100T

Q: What is the reason for my Centurylink WiFi slowing signal?

There are several reasons for slowing your internet connection. This nuisance can happen for your modem or router, wi-fi signal, signal strength on your cable line, devices on your network saturating your bandwidth or even slow DNS servers. These troubleshooting steps will assist you to hold back the cause.

Q: Does Centurylink modem require a router?

Yes, Centurylink modem requires a router. Because they are completely two different devices, your modem singly doesn’t replace your router. Moreover, Centurylink does provide the two technologies in one device. If you buy the Centurylink Technicolor C1100T model, it will provide you both functions. 

Q: Does Centurylink modem charge much?

No. Centurylink modem doesn’t charge much. AT only $10 per month you can have a centurylink modem. AT&T charges the most cheap modem. AT only $7 per month you can have AT&T modem. Centurylink also charges for installation. How much installation charge you have to pay it depends on where you live.

Q: When my Centurylink Internet will not work?

You should check your modem’s firmware and it requires an update. Then check your cable. You have to connect your modem to your phone jack and it deteriorates, then your internet connection won’t work.

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Final Verdict

Centurylink Technicolor C1100T is the irreplaceable modem. Purchasing this modem can save your money in the long run as centurylink charges only $10 per month for you if you lease this one. You should bear in mind that this router is very cheap to buy. Centurylink has immense internet speed up to 100 Mbps. For this reason its download speed is enough for a small family. This wifi router can easily boost your signal because it uses 802.11 AC wireless modem. So, it is a highly recommended modem wifi router by us at an affordable price. 

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