How Much Does a Jitterbug Phone Cost In 2022

Jitterbug is a phone service provider that offers many benefits, including free long-distance and low rates on international calls. If you’re considering getting a Jitterbug phone, we can help answer some questions about what kind of phone to get and how much it costs.  The JitterBug Flip Phone or the JitterBug SmartPhone are excellent choices … Read more

Top 5 Jitterbug Phones For Senior Citizens In 2022

The elderly population is rapidly growing, with over 10% of the world’s population being at least 65 years old. That means it will be essential to find ways for seniors to stay connected and engaged in their communities. One way this has been completed is through jitterbug phones for senior citizens. These provide an easy-to-use … Read more

Top 15 Free Cell Phones For Seniors (2022 Updated)

Are you searching for free cell phones for seniors? There were days when cell phones were considered gadgets or luxury items, and very few could buy them. Still, today, it has become a necessity for everyone, even for senior citizens, so that they can stay connected to their families, friends, and society. Many seniors are … Read more