Federal Government Free Cell Phone Program 2022

With the increasing importance of communication technologies, the government needs to do something for the people who can’t afford a cell phone. So, in 1985, the Federal Government started a new program called the Lifeline Assistance program. The program is now under the FCC and assisting millions of Americans with providing free government cell phones. … Read more

How To Get Lifeline Free Cell Phones For Seniors

If you are a senior citizen and looking for a way to get free cell phone services, then you’re in the right spot. The FCC-funded Lifeline service is available for seniors and low-income households or unemployed individuals. You may ask, “how to get lifeline-free cell phones for seniors?” Lifeline provides free cell phones to a … Read more

How To Get Cell Phones For Disabled Hands

If you’re disabled, you know that having a cell phone can be a real life-saver. But if your hands are impaired, using a regular phone can be difficult or even impossible. Thankfully, many cell phones are now designed specifically for people with disabilities. In this context, we’ll show you how to get cell phones for … Read more

22 Cell Phone Plans Comparison Chart 2022 (All Provider)

While searching for cell phone plans, we all have felt the necessity of a comparison chart that can help us make the decision easily and quickly. That is why our team of phone operator experts spent hours gathering the information of all operators in the US and listed the best plans in the following cell … Read more

Top 10 StraightTalk Verizon Phones & Plans 2022

StraightTalk Verizon phones in the online store of StraightTalk or Walmart are sold at the most reasonable price. Moreover, the phones are offered with a price drop or amazing discounts. Also, you’ll find many reconditioned phones. Furthermore, StraightTalk offers low-cost unlimited plans and we’ve also covered the latest plans in the end. Let’s see the … Read more